St. Patrick students take part in legal process

On Wednesday, January 13, St. Patrick went on a field trip to the Hancock Country Courthouse in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.  The students observed the court of Chancery Judge Schloegel.

The students that went on the field trip were part of the St. Patrick Mock Trial team (sponsored by Mr. Eleuterius) and Mr. Hewes’s Psychology class.  Judge Jennifer Schloegel and Hancock County Chancery Clerk Timothy Kellar taught the students about the nature of cases in the chancery court and the way different types of cases are handled.  For instance, the students learned that some cases such as cases concerning adoption or divorce are not part of public record.  The students also learned what it means for a court case to be sealed.

The field trip was an excellent learning experience for the students.  Mock Trial team member, JR Riojas said of the field trip, “It was fascinating to see the lawyers interact in the courtroom.  I learned that sometimes life looks like television.”  The Mock Trial team will be taking the lessons they learned with them to the Mock Trial Gulf Coast Regional Competition on Saturday, January 23, 2016.

Mr. Hewes’s Psychology class learned about the impact psychology has on court cases.  The field trip also helped further the studies of Mr. Hewes’s Problems in American Democracy class from the first semester of the 2015-2016 school year.

At the end of the day the students were sad to leave the exciting space of the courtroom.  Thank you to Judge Schloegel and Clerk Kellar for speaking to the St. Patrick students.  Thank you to parent chaperones Mrs. Cospelich and Mrs. Goodfellow.

Story by Desirée Goodfellow