Student Council wins several awards at MSASC

Congrats to our hard-working Student Council members! Several students walked away with individual awards at Mississippi Association of Student Councils Conference in Oxford last weekend, including:

  • Amelie Million, who received Council Member if the Year.
  • Richard Springer, who received Outstanding President and the Dale D. Hawdy Leadership Award.
  • Shannon Kirkpatrick, who received Best Project for Teacher Secret Santa.
  • Principal Buckley also received MSASC Administrator of the Year!

On the individual awards, SPCHS Student Council Sponsor Amber Buckley said, “Richard has been a phenomenal president this year and has led the Student Council to new heights. He is very deserving of Outstanding President as well as the Dale D. Hawdy Leadership Award. He has not only delegated responsibilities to other hard working council members, but he has also lent support as they carried out tasks. He and Vice President, Shannon Kirkpatrick have become a dynamic duo, which in turn reflects onto the motivation and dedication of the Student Council at large. Shannon added to her legacy as an outstanding council member through the implementation of the Teacher Secret Santa, which won Best Project. Both she and Richard presented a workshop discussing this project with student delegates from around the state.

Amelie Million was well-deserving of her award of Outstanding Council Member; she has taken on a variety of activities that have become a part of our council. Humans of St. Patrick was her “brainchild,” and she is dedicated to keeping it alive on Instagram. She is all about highlighting those students within our community that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. She’s also in the middle of a project to honor our alumni who served in the military and has personally worked with people within our community to get the names of as many alumni as possible from all four previous schools as well as St. Patrick. Finally, as our historian, Amelie completed the National Gold Council of Excellence application on behalf of our council this year, with the support of the executive board. I was extremely impressed with her follow-through on this important recognition for the council as a whole.
Finally, our council could not be successful without the support of our principal, Mr. Buckley. He is willing to hear every project proposal and is supportive in all of our activities and events. He is deserving of Administrator of the Year because he is in our corner when it comes to making this school the best it can be. He knows the importance of mentoring and molding student leaders and is always positive in our pursuits. For example, he was extremely supportive of us as we planned and hosted the MSASC Conference last year. He not only allowed us the opportunity to get things donated and to prepare our school for the arrival of over 500 students and advisors from across our state, but he also attended the conference and complimented us on a professional and well-planned day. Student Council knows that Mr. Buckley has our back, and we know how lucky it is to have an administrator that allows our student leaders to make a difference in our school environment.”

Anna Tran, Amelie Million, Richard Springer, Shannon Kirkpatrick, and Jamie Stanovich presented workshops at the conference.

Finally, Amelie Million and Jamie Stanovich will be St. Patrick’s MSASC representatives for President. They will both give a speech and preside over next year’s conference.

Go Irish!