St. Patrick Teacher Emily Cloud receives Hancock Bank Leo W. Seal Innovative Teacher Award

For the second year in a row, a St. Patrick Catholic High School teacher has been named a recipient of the Hancock Bank Leo W. Seal Innovative Teacher Award. Mrs. Emily Cloud, Religious Studies and Advanced Placement (AP) Biology teacher, applied for the $2,000 grant by outlining plans for a greenhouse at St. Patrick. This project is supported by the Leo W. Seal Teacher Recognition Award Fund, a Fund of the Gulf Coast Community Foundation.

Cloud said, “The AP Biology Greenhouse will provide a unique educational experience for students to be able to start and maintain their own garden to be used in experiments throughout the year. This would provide the advantage of fresh organics and pride in their own work.” 

Cloud has been a full-time teacher at St. Patrick Catholic High School for three years. She received her certification to teach AP Biology through the Advanced Placement Summer Institute at the University of Alabama. She has a Master’s Degree in Science from the University of South Alabama.

On receiving the award, she said, “This award is going to allow for amazing opportunities for our students! I teach exceptional students with very bright futures and I can’t wait to share this learning environment and unique equipment with them. Enjoying learning is just as important as the knowledge gained!”

Principal Matt Buckley said, “I am very proud of Mrs. Cloud for being awarded the Leo W. Seal Innovative Teacher Grant. She is most deserving of this award as she brings innovation and creativity to her classroom instruction each day and always strives to make course content relevant and come to life for her students. I am excited to see her put this grant to use in her classroom and continue to make a positive difference in the lives of our students at St. Patrick.”

The recognition and awards luncheon will be hosted by Hancock Bank at the Great Southern Club in Gulfport on April 13, 2018. Victoria Williams was achieved a Leo W. Seal Innovative Teacher Award in 2017, receiving a $2,000 grant.

Both Leo W. Seal and Leo W. Seal, Jr., were deeply committed to the South Mississippi Community and demonstrated this through their leadership and dedication to the progressive development of this region. In November of 1993, Hancock Bank established a permanent endowment at the Gulf Coast Community Foundation to support efforts of educators in South Mississippi.

Emily Cloud