St. Patrick well represented at Mississippi Youth Legislature Conference

St. Patrick was well represented at this year’s Mississippi Youth Legislature Conference. Five officer positions were filled by St. Patrick students this year. Max Grill served as governor, Hayden Miller served as Lieutenant Governor, Clayton Stoddard served as Speaker of the House, Ana Patino served as House Reading Clerk, and Abigail O’Connell served as House Messenger. In addition to our five officers, Connor Sutton served as a delegate at this year’s conference and Mr. Eleuterius sponsored the trip.

Youth Legislature is a program that gives students from across the state the opportunity to come together in our state’s capital to write, debate, and vote on bills in a mock legislature. The program allows students to learn legislative processes by experiencing first-hand what it is like to be a legislator. It also allows students to form lasting friendships and make connections with fellow high school students from across the state.

This year, in addition to having five officers, our very own Clayton Stoddard ran for Mississippi Youth Governor. Unfortunately, after a close race, Clayton narrowly lost the election but will return to Youth Legislature next year to serve as the governor’s Chief of Staff. In addition, St. Patrick won “Priority School” and was recognized with a certificate at the closing ceremonies.

Max Grill, who served as Mississippi Youth Governor at this year’s Youth Legislature, said, “I enjoyed being governor this year. It was the honor of a lifetime and I am so thankful to Mr. E for sponsoring our trip this year. Youth Leg is a program that is forever ingrained in my heart and I am thankful for being able to go to this conference year after year.”

Story by Hayden Miller