Student council hosts luncheon for new teachers

On Tuesday, August 18, the St. Patrick student council hosted a luncheon to welcome new faculty members to St. Patrick. The luncheon was part of “Welcome to St. Patrick Week,” also hosted by student council as a way of reaching out to and welcoming new students and faculty. The luncheon was filled with an assortment of appetizers, platters, desserts, and drinks generously prepared by members of student council.

New eighth grade science teacher Devyn Quinn said, “I thought that the luncheon was very thoughtful and welcoming. Everything that our student council has done has been welcoming. All the teachers at St. Patrick have been helpful and administration has been awesome.” Dino Vecchio, our new history teacher and assistant football coach joked, “The luncheon was much better than my daily PB&J.” Mr. Vecchio also said that he would like to thank the student council for their hard work, and that it was much appreciated. Overall the luncheon was a success in bringing together the faculty for a delicious lunch.

The student council did an excellent job with the luncheon and all the events they have sponsored so far. The luncheon was much appreciated by all the faculty.  For more information about student council, contact Mrs. Buckley.

Story by: Hannah Janus; Photo credit: Cecilia Collins