Student Council plans ideas for the new school year

On Thursday, August 30, the St. Patrick Student Council held its second biweekly meeting of the school year. They discussed a variety of topics from the wrap up of Welcome to St. Patrick Week to the soon approaching Homecoming Dance.

As a part of Student Council, representatives from grades 7-12 get to actively participate in student government and act as representatives for St. Patrick, inside and outside of school. Members are considered spokespeople for their peers and have a voice in major decisions that would affect the student body as a whole.

In addition to voting on decisions, members help set up and plan most of the events hosted at the school, including teacher luncheons and appreciation week, the Homecoming and Back to School dances, and open houses for the public. The Student Council puts in a lot of hard work and dedication to provide St. Patrick with a fun and welcoming environment for every student to enjoy.

Gabby Quintana spoke on why she thinks Student Council is unique. “It provides students with a voice in important matters and a chance to get involved in the behind the scenes of St. Patrick.”

Photos from the meeting can be viewed here.

Story by Anna Tran