Student Council Teacher Secret Santa

This week, Student Council members selected teachers to treat to a gift each day along with a clue about themselves. Friday, the students revealed their identities to the teachers.

The idea was pioneered by Shannon Kirkpatrick, Student Council Vice President. “I got the idea from our most recent conference,” said Kirkpatrick, “in Orlando. We had a great time and received a lot of good ideas, and this was just one of them.” The 85th-annual conference took place at Ocoee High School in Orlando, FL, with the theme “Leaders, Inc.,” based on the Disney movie Monsters, Inc. The main idea of the conference was that true leadership can be achieved with an active imagination.

Teachers had a blast with the project and were honored to receive such thoughtful gifts. “I am so proud of my STUCO students for doing this for our teachers,” said Mrs. Buckley, the St. Patrick Student Council Advisor. “It’s great to see students giving back to the people who dedicate their lives to education.”

“I had a great time with the project,” said Anna D’Aquilla. “My teacher was Coach Camps, and he really appreciated all of the gifts. They give so much of their time for us, and it is the least we can do to return the favor. From what I’ve heard, the project has been very successful. Teachers loved it.”

The St. Patrick Student Council hopes that this project will continue to be implemented for years to come. They’d like to wish all the students, faculty, and staff of SPCHS a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Story by Richard Springer