Students and staff participating in Bible study of John, chapter 9

Every other week, students at St. Patrick gather together for Bible study. Last week Bible study was held in the chapel. Students read and talked about chapter nine of John. John: 9 is about Jesus healing a blind man. Everyone loves to get a better understanding of the Bible stories they have always known about.

Bible Study is a great event to be part of. It teaches you more about the meaning of the Bible as well as growing closer to God. To be able to pray together as a community is a very important part of St. Patrick Catholic High School

Students love Bible study because they get to pray and read the Bible together. Senior Dylan Middleton leads Bible study. Bible study has a very positive environment where everyone is happy. It is a great opportunity for students to start their day off right.

Senior Anna Grace Castanedo said, “Dylan always delivers the word with a different outlook or perspective. Even though we may be already familiar with a verse or range of scripture, he shares his knowledge to help us better understand God’s word. We are all so lucky to have a leader like him.”

The next Bible study will be Tuesday, November 13, at 7:45. All students are welcome to attend.

Story by Sarah Alexander