Students attend “Making Deposits” presentation

On Thursday, February 8, Mr. Buckley gave the students of St. Patrick a presentation on “Making Deposits”.

He started off the presentation, by explaining a little about the topic. He then put on a video, of Tim Tebow, who explained how to put more into your daily faith life, and how to give more to God.

After the video played, Mr. Buckley explained what the tokens, that the students had received earlier that day were for.  He explained that these tokens represented, what we did extra in our lives for God.  He said that throughout the season of Lent, teachers would be handing out these tokens, to students, who did a good deed for another.  When a student has collected 5 tokens, he or she will be able to exchange it out for a gift card in the front office.

This activity is to help the community of St. Patrick do more during this Lenten season, and let it be about not only doing something for others, but by getting something more out of it, in regard to faith life.  It is to help the students not just give something up for Lent, but do something as well.

Story by Cara Pisciotta