Students Attend Movie for Catholic Schools Week

On Friday, February 1, St. Patrick students gathered two classes at a time in the auditorium to view the movie, Wonder. Wonder is a movie released in 2017 that received excellent reviews praising its messages of kindness and friendship led by a, “warm, persuasive argument for tolerance.”

The movie featured such prolific actors and actresses as Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and Daveed Diggs, each of which elicited positive reactions from the students. It was the perfect combination of slow and sad moments accompanied by relatable and perfectly-timed humor that served more than adequate enough to break up the tension and soothe watering tear ducts.

Sophomore Aja Bui stated, “There was a good moral to the movie that emphasized being kind to all and to accept all as our friends. It showed students that we are all the same in God’s eyes, no matter our appearance. It also showed us the power of sticking together through thick and thin.”

The movie was a short break in the monotony of school life, and the popcorn and company made it all better. It served as a fitting culmination to Catholic Schools Week. Students uniting in a room to watch a movie that carried with it the lifestyle that we should aspire to. We shouldn’t single out the different for negative qualities. Rather, we should elevate them and celebrate their “abnormalities” as gifts from God that were sent into our lives so that we may better ourselves.

Story by Jesse Kearns