Students attend regional science fair

On the sunny Friday morning of February 24, twelve St. Patrick students traveled to the Region VI Science and Engineering Fair at the Coast Coliseum with their sponsor Mrs. Worrel.  Most of the students were competing in completely different categories and were from very different grades, but they all gathered because of a very unique interest in science.

The students had to have their projects set up by eight thirty in the morning in order to be considered.  The students had completed their experiments prior to the fair and also compiled all of their information that was presented on a display board.  Throughout the day, the different age and subject groups were judged periodically.  Each project was officially judged twice.  The students had to present the hypothesis, procedure, and results of their projects to the judges and also answered any specific questions that judges had.  They also were prompted to comment on how they could have improved their experiment and what made them want to do it in the first place.  There were also special judges circulating the room awarding special awards to certain projects in their field.

The junior high students that attended the science fair received multiple awards for their creative projects. Isabel Leatherman won the second-place award in robotics and intelligent design whereas Shea Sigworth received a second-place award in engineering.  Olivia Leatherman placed fifth in engineering, and Madalyn Smith placed sixth in medicine and health. Smith also received the Office of Naval Research award from the Navy and Marine Corps for Excellence in Science Fair.

Many of the St. Patrick high school students at the fair received prestigious awards also.  Olivia Allen won first place in organic chemistry.  Sam Hewes won second place in behavioral and social sciences along with a special award, the Biophysics Award for Excellence in Scientific Research, for his project on how different types of music affect memory.  Britton Tatum received a first-place medal in animal sciences.  Mary Agnes Mestayer and Skye Ward won second place in behavioral and social science for their group project on how environmental factors affect sleep.

Overall, it was a very interesting day with a lot of growth for students, teachers, and judges alike in multiple fields of science.  The science fair proved to be a success with St. Patrick students, and we will hopefully continue to have success in the future!

Story by Skye Ward