Students celebrate at the Irish Country Pep Rally

On September 28, the students of St. Patrick celebrated the third pep rally of the football season.

The theme of the pep rally was Irish Country: Country vs. Country Club and students had a blast dressing for the theme. Students chose either a western or country club-themed outfit to participate. Many students went all out as they came to school in 10 gallon hats and even with tennis rackets.

Students were welcomed into the gym with a playing of the St. Patrick Fight Song to prepare them for the fun that awaited them. The seniors made their annual run into the gym and were cheered on by the rest of the student body.

Ms. Hebert and the St. Patrick cheerleaders prepared games for the students. Three students from each grade went head to head in two small games before the well awaited event, the spirit contest. Students banded together with their grade to show their SPCHS spirit and made as much noise as possible. The sophomores proved to be the most spirited, as they won. 

Students look forward to each home game pep rally.

“It’s always an amazing sight to see the student body come together. The competitive vibe is addicting and it always puts me in a good mood. The band, cheerleaders, and dance team look amazing. I also look forward to the game later today!” – SPCHS Junior Beyla Bleichner

Photos of the pep rally can be viewed here.

Story by Macayla Wells