Students celebrate during the 2018 Homecoming Pep Rally

On Friday, September 14 , St. Patrick held its annual Homecoming Pep Rally. First, students enjoyed the homecoming picnic with their friends and family, and then they went to the pep rally, which started at 2 p.m. Every year, students wait for this day, where they can show their Irish spirit to the max and support their class.

“The homecoming pep rally was an inspirational show of school spirit by the teachers, students, and parents of St. Patrick. The mood of the pep rally set a victorious tone that the football players followed along with and brought home a glorious victory to make this homecoming especially unique.”- Jesse Kearns

This year’s pep rally was hosted by Chelsea Hayes and Sydney Biggs, who are both seniors. They started off the event with prayer and the national anthem and then moved right into the festivities. Five students from each grade were chosen to participate in the schoolwide game, which the seventh graders won. A spirit contest was also held to see who was the loudest class, and the eighth and tenth graders were determined as the winners. The band played the fight song and a song for the cheerleaders to dance to. Another tradition here is the senior parent dance, which is always fun for the students to watch. Finally, the football team was introduced to us and brought home a win for the Irish friday night. Overall, this year’s homecoming pep rally was a huge success and enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Photos from the pep rally can be viewed here.

Story by Emma Bruffey