Students Celebrate Teaching Mass

St. Patrick students got a more in-depth lesson during mass on Thursday. This week’s mass was a teaching mass, celebrated by Father Greg Barras. During the celebration, students learned about every aspect of the mass and why it is done the way it is. Students learned everything from the history and origin of the priest’s robes to a breakdown of the Our Father. Instead of the altar being at the head of the gym, it was placed symbolically in the middle, with students gathered all around.

“The goal is to break everything apart to make it understandable,” Father Greg Barras said. “The pieces are like a puzzle, they fit together and every sense of the flow will help them better engage God’s presence.”

For Theology teachers at St. Patrick, a teaching mass is a great way to refresh students on the Catholic teachings.

“A mass where the priest explains each part is an excellent refresher for those who are Catholic and a valuable learning experience for non-Catholics,” Theology Director Terry Creel said. “I hope that the students have a better understanding of the hidden reality of the Mass, namely that we are united in the presence of God and He humbles Himself to become our “daily bread”.”

Creel says he hopes to have a teaching mass each school year.