Students enjoy ice cream to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

On St. Patrick’s Day, the whole school had the opportunity to enjoy an ice cream social courtesy of the high school student council.  Students enjoyed vanilla and chocolate ice cream and also enjoyed fellowship with their fellow classmates.  More events happened on St. Patrick’s Day in addition to the ice cream social.  Students also had a chance to enter into a drawing for a prize that was sponsored by the student council.  The student council wanted to do something fun for the ice cream social and decided that this would be a good idea.  “Student council came to the realization that we wanted to give our student body something and we thought celebrating our school’s patron saint’s feast day would be a great opportunity to do just that,” said student council vice president J.R. Riojas, “It was really great to take a break and recognize our school’s patron saint’s feast day and was just overall a great day.”

Student council members walked around during first period classes, passing out shamrocks for the different students to put their names on for the drawing.  Ron Farrow won the drawing and was very happy that he had won.  “I was honestly surprised that I won the drawing and I was really happy I had won.”  The day was exactly what it was designed to be, fun filled, yet a day in which we could recognize our patron saint’s feast day.  Mass was also celebrated by Father Kitchen, who gave a interesting homily on the history of St. Patrick and his work in Ireland.

Story by Andrew Lechner