Students honor cafeteria employees for National School Lunch Week

In conjunction with last year’s presidential proclamation of this week being National School Lunch Week, the students, faculty and administration took the opportunity on Friday to show our appreciation for three of the hardest working members of the St. Patrick team—our cafeteria ladies. These women work behind the scenes and behind the counters to bring healthy delicious meals to our students.

Mrs. Julie Seymour, our cafeteria manager who has been with us since the day St. Patrick opened its doors, takes a special pride and enjoyment in her work. “I think the thing I love most about my job, quite simply, is the children. I get a certain sense of joy being around them,” said Mrs. Julie.

The students love the food and the choices that are offered here at school. In an informal polling as to their favorite dish, the cheesy chicken was the leading vote getter.

“We just try to serve the children balanced meals that we would eat home. We also take pride in the variety that they can choose from on a daily basis,” said Mrs. Julie. “And I have to give credit to the wonderful ladies that work with me, Mrs. Judy and Mrs. Joanie. They’re a blessing to work with.”

Students can get a hot lunch, a choice of three different salads, sack lunches or custom made po’ boy sandwiches.

Senior Randon Heim, since entering the seventh grade at St Patrick figures he’s eaten over 1,000 lunches. Heim recognizes and appreciates the love that goes into their work. “I have a deep respect for the women who have fed me throughout my entire adolescence,” said Heim.