Students in art classes design clay tiles to represent their personalities

Students in Mrs. Jean Benoit’s art classes have been creating clay tiles to represent their personalities and interests. This project is considered an abstract self-portrait, and tiles will be used in a collaborative display.

This is a low-fire, red earthenware clay. Students are learning the basics of handling clay for future projects. They shaped the tile and constructed hangers on the back, then painted a liquid slip on the front. Tiles are gray now, but will turn white in the kiln. Students used symbols to incise in the background including lines, dots, and shapes that stand for important factors in their lives. Then they shaped objects to attach to the surface of the clay that represent interests or important events in their lives or futures. – Mrs. Jean Benoit

Tiles will dry for about a week. Once they are fully dry, students will do a single firing in the kiln to about 1,800 degrees and will leave them unglazed.

SPCHS Sophomore Leila Ransonet said, “My favorite part of making these clay tiles is being able to express yourself and your creativity through it. My tile represents me, my uniqueness and originality.”

“My favorite part of the tile project that we did was the molding of the clay and making objects that represent us. My tile represents my life and personality,” said SPCHS Sophomore Olivia Grammar.

Check out photos from the project below!