Students in geometry create sculptures from finding a scale factor with proportions

This week, students in Ms. Kaitlyn Norton’s geometry classes presented unique scale models of iconic landmarks created by finding a scale factor with proportions. Students recently finished a chapter on proportions and similar shapes and they used a system for finding a scale factor with proportions.

On Ms. Norton’s favorite aspect of teaching geometry, she said, “Getting to teach ideas that relay into real life!”

Sophomore Jadon Turner constructed the Colosseum. He said, “The main thing that I enjoyed about doing the project is that I got to use something that I learned how to do in class while at the same time learning more about the Colosseum. After completing the project I have gained more knowledge about the architectural techniques of the Romans. This project helped me with proportions and made me have to focus more on how to scale things correctly, as well as helped me explain how to scale projects to some of my classmates.”

“I enjoyed making this geometry project because I have always been intrigued by the Eiffel Tower. In class I did learn how to scale with proportions for this project. The recent lesson we just learned was all about scale and scale factors,” said SPCHS Freshman Caty Otero. She constructed the Eiffel Tower for her project.

When asked what his favorite part of geometry is, Jadon said, “It is in a category of its own when related to other math classes. Since it is different, it is more challenging and helps me have to try and learn a different form of math than I’m used to.” Caty added, “My favorite aspect of geometry is the classifications of triangles using multiple theorems like the pythagorean theorem.”

View photos of the models below!