Students inducted to new English honor society

On Monday, November 30, St. Patrick Catholic High School’s Seamus Heaney National English Honor Society inducted its new members. This meeting included the induction of new members. The induction was hosted by chapter sponsors Lucy Sutherlin, Gail Trahan, and Amber Buckley, and club officers Estelle Seghers (president), Laurie Pisciotta (vice president), Jenna Starks (secretary), Emma Rae Castanedo (treasurer), and Makayla Pfarrer (historian).

This year, St. Patrick Catholic High School was installed as a chapter of the National English Honor Society.  This makes the Seamus Heaney National English Honor Society the sixth honor society at St. Patrick Catholic High School. The St. Patrick chapter of the honor society is named at Seamus Heaney who, born in the 1930s, was an Irish poet, playwright, translator and lecturer.  Heaney was also the recipient of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Like other honor societies, students of high academic standing in their English classes were invited to apply for the school’s English honor society chapter. After applications were reviewed, members were announced and guidelines were provided for students. Officer elections were held and then announced October 19. The officers will represent and run the new honor society to represent St. Patrick and its English department’s achievements. The honor society will give outstanding students in the field of English an opportunity to excel further and commends them on their previous excellence in the field of English.

Congratulations to the following students for being inducted to the St. Patrick Seamus Heaney National English Honor Society: Allen, Olivia; Badurak, Morgan; Barnes, Jennifer; Belk, Sarah; Bisner, Matthew; Blackwell, Raylen; Blackwell, Raven; Broadus, Anna; Broussard, Sydney; Broussard, Beau; Bruffey, Julia; Bui, Sheila; Burkart, John David; Carpenter, Gray; Carreon, Juan; Carter, Alexa; Castanedo, Emma Rae; Chachati, Kristen; Champagne, Andrew; Clark, Stephen; Cole, Marina; Collie, Sam; Collins, Cecilia; Colson, Anna Clare; Cooper, Sofia; Cox, Kaitlyn; Cox, Madison; Craft, Jill; D’Aquilla, Anna; Diaz, Christopher; Dooley, Maia; Doyle, Blair; Dusang, Kennedy; Eschette, Tyler; Falls, Addison; Farrow, Ron Carlo; Fennell, Jacob; Filipich, Mary Katherine; Fontan, Emily; Fountain, Cassidy; Fulmer, Tyler; Gautier, Hannah; Gautier, Claire; Gee, Madison; Gibson, Brooke; Gillam, Madison; Gonsoulin, Raven; Goodfellow, Desiree; Guida, Lillian; Gutierrez, Dylan; Hancock, Julia; Hartery, Connor; Hebert, Corynn; Hebert, Jessica; Herriott, Bria; Hewes, Sam; Hodge, Baylee; Holmes, Lindsay; Horn, Hannah; Hoye, Lindsey; Hudson, Grace; Jackson, Tyler; Janus, Hannah; Janus, Sarah; Kirkpatrick, Shannon; Ladner, Christopher; Ladner, Courtney; Lawrence, Kaylee; Leckich, Victoria; Lee, Jonathan; Lindsey, Rosalyn; Maalouf, Carina; Mallette, Caitlin; Marchioni, Makayla; Martin, Shelby; McCrea, Morgan; McGrew, Allison; McKee, Jack; McMackin, Will; McMackin, Kathleen; Menendez, Laina; Mestayer, Mary Agnes; Million, Eric; Mohler, Katelyn; Moran, Russell; Musgrove, Emily; Nguyen, Melanie; Nimmo, Nora; Noel, Natallie; Overstreet, Kaitlyn; Parks, Lane; Pfarrer, Makayla; Pisciotta, Cara; Pisciotta, Laurie; Pitre, Kendall; Pleasant, Sarah; Puzz, Lauren; Rackley, Mary Claire; Rinker, Caroline; Riojas, J.R.; Rizk, Chloe; Roberts, Julia; Rodrigue, Mackenzie; Rodrigue, Chet; Rosales, Emilia; Ryan, Rachel Anne; Schloegel, Mary Rebecca; Seghers, Estelle; Seicshnaydre, Luke; Skinner, Lauren; Sliman, Spencer; Smith, Taylor; Smith, Evan; Springer, Richard; Starks, Jenna; Steinwinder, Rachel; Swetman, Cassie; Taylor, Sylvia; Torp, Jeanne; Trosclair, Skylar; Tubb, Mary; Van Horn, Elizabeth; Vitteck, Emily; Wagner, Hannah; Wagner, Ramsey; Walters, Kirsten; Ward, Skye; Williams, Ashlynn; Wingfield, Spencer; Wyrosdick, Noah; Zorich, Elizabeth.

Congratulations to all new Seamus Heaney National English Honor Society members, and good luck with all your English studies in the future!

Story by Caroline Rinker