Students join together for rosary

On Wednesday, October 3, students gathered bright and early in the Chapel to say the Rosary together before school. The first quarter of the school year wraps up on Friday, and many students are stressing as they turn in their final grades. Seniors have additional pressure as they are choosing between what colleges to attend and what careers to major in.

The Rosary is one of the most sacred forms of prayer, and Catholics all around the world gather together to pray it and say it silently to themselves. The traditional Rosary is divided into four parts, each having five meditations of the four mysteries: joyful, luminous, sorrowful, or glorious.

A student shared her thoughts on today’s gathering, saying, “It was nice how we got to have adoration and the Rosary at the same and we not only participated in reciting the Rosary, but we also led it. It was also special how we were able to just show up in the Chapel and gather together, which is the greatest way to start off your morning.”

Photos from the Rosary can be found here.

Story by Anna Tran