Students Take Their Classroom to the Library for Project

On Wednesday, August 24, Ms. Alexander’s 10th grade World History class took their classroom to the library to work on their first presentation for the course. The project included a typed report as well as a visual aid such as a Powerpoint on a topic relating to Unit One in the course’s textbook. Some of the topics that the students decided to choose included the Black Death, the Magna Carta, and Justinian’s Code. After researching the topic on the library’s computers, the students began to either vigorously type up their reports or brainstorm creative ways to display their facts in a presentation. To assist them with their research, students are given the opportunity by the school to use a database called World Book Online. Students are encouraged to use this database because it gives them easy access to important, as well as, accurate information that can be used for presentations. The database even provides citations so that the students are able to learn how to properly cite the information they used for the project.  The purpose of this project was to allow students to learn about history in an exciting way by coming up with creative presentations to show the information they learned. This method not only allows students to be creative but also allows them to learn about history from the perspective of their peers. Providing students with multiple ways such as projects to obtain information also helps students to more thoroughly understand the information and thus creates a more well-rounded classroom environment.

Story by Elizabeth Van Horn