Students visit Saint Joseph’s Altar

On the week of March 18, the St. Patrick Catholic High School Theology Department set up a St. Joseph’s Altar in the Chapel. St. Joseph’s Feast Day is celebrated on March 19. St. Joseph is recognized as the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the legal  father of Jesus Christ.

The St. Joseph’s Altar originated in Sicily. There was a drought in Sicily that had been destroying the crops. The people of Sicily had prayed to St. Joseph, their patron saint, to end the drought and famine. The skies opened and rain came down on the crops. To pay honor to St. Joseph for saving them from death, they set up an altar with food. They later distributed the food to the less fortunate. The people of Sicily still celebrate this tradition to this day. Today, the altar has bread in many shapes, such as animals and crosses.There is sometimes a cake in the shape of a lamb that represents the Lamb of God.

Every St. Patrick student had the opportunity to visit the St. Joseph’s Altar during their Theology classes on March 18. The students were able to pray to St. Joseph and view the bread on the altar. The students were all given prayer cards with St. Joseph on them. The St. Joseph’s Altar still serves as a reminder of the good deeds that St. Joseph performed. He is also remembered for the compassion he showed to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Photos of the St. Joseph’s Altar can be viewed below.  

Story by Sarah Alexander