Teachers enjoy appreciation luncheon during Welcome to St. Patrick Week

On Tuesday, August 21, the St. Patrick teachers, faculty, and staff were welcomed with a surprise luncheon catered by Newk’s Eatery.

The Student Council hosted the luncheon to show appreciation for all that teachers do for their students, inside and outside of the classroom. From tutoring before and after class to teaching real life lessons, educators spend countless hours helping their students grow, academically and spiritually.

Mrs. Lawson spoke on what the luncheon meant to her. “Every little treat or gift means a lot because it shows that our students are thinking about us and that our impact is making a difference. Also, what teacher doesn’t like free lunch?”

This event is only one part of Welcome to St. Patrick Week, and many more will be covered as the week progresses.

Photos from the luncheon can be found here.

Story by Anna Tran