Team Tempest to donate supplies to flood victims this weekend at Red Stick Rumble competition

Our Robotics Team Tempest will be traveling to Baton Rouge this Saturday, August 27, to compete in the Red Stick Rumble, an off-season robotics event.  Due to the recent flooding, our team will be bringing all of the supplies collected from our families to those in need in Baton Rouge.  Please continue to provide donations of cleaning supplies and school supplies as we prepare to travel to Baton Rouge.  There is a need for book bags which will be filled with the school supplies.

Team Tempest has an outreach program called the “Pillowcase Project.”  This project prepares elementary students to evacuate in times of emergency.  They will fill their pillowcase with supplies and personal items to take with them as they evacuate.  The supplies include toothpaste, toothbrush, hair supplies, coloring books, crayons, flashlights, etc.   The last item we put into the pillowcase is a teddy bear.  Our team has actually written a book where Gus the bear prepares to evacuate before an oncoming storm.  The bear is a symbol of comfort for the young children, many of whom have lost everything.

If you can provide any supplies for the pillowcases, please send them to Mrs. Worrel by Friday.  We hope to make over fifty pillowcase projects and bring them with us to the children of Baton Rouge.