Tenth grade attends Asia presentation by Father Dominic

On Wednesday, February 7, the sophomore class of Saint Patrick gathered in the auditorium to listen to a presentation about Asia.  This presentation was a continuation of the series that students have been attending this year on areas throughout the world.   This presentation covered the people of Asia and the history on the region. Father Dominic came to Saint Patrick to inform students about growing up in Asia.

The presentation began with Father Dominic telling students a little background information on the Philippines where he grew up. He continued by telling the story of how his family left the region by boat and eventually made it to the United States. He stressed the importance of having faith in God during this journey. The presentation ended with Father Dominic answering questions from students.

Overall, the presentation taught the sophomore class about the importance of understanding where you came from and the culture of other areas around the world. A huge thank you to Father Dominick for taking time and sharing his story.

Story by Jamie Stanovich