The Drama Guild works diligently to bring ‘Much Ado about Middle School’ to life

The members of the St. Patrick Catholic High School Drama Guild have spent the last two months  preparing for the fall production. The play of choice is Much Ado about Middle School, and the cast and crew have worked very hard to accomplish a show fit for a standing ovation.

The set crew led by Emily Miller and Abigail Wood have worked diligently to repaint the set. Along with pinks, purples, and blues, the set crew has added a dash of glitter to their refurbishes to make the production shine. Building trees for a Midsummers Night Dream scene certainly did not stump this crew.

Stage Manager Emily Miller shared a bit about her experience, saying, “It has been so much fun putting this play together! The crew always works really hard to make each and every play as creative and vivid as possible. This year feels like it has gone by crazy fast, but I have so many new memories that I know will last a lifetime. I have done many productions as set, but it gives me confidence to have people looking up to me. I especially love being able to work with many new faces along with the rest of the returning crew.”

Along with the set members, the tech crew has also been working out any kinks with the sound and condenser microphones. The light crew has worked hard to make sure that everyone on stage gets a touch of a spotlight, and the actors and actresses on stage are working just as hard to perfect their lines and blocking to make sure that this show is one to remember.

The production will be debuted this weekend with the first show this Friday evening at 6:30. Be sure to come join the cast and crew for a show you won’t forget and for a trip back to middle school.

View photos of the preparation below!

Story by Macayla Wells