The St. Patrick Science Olympiad teams compete at regional competition at Pearl River Community College

On Saturday February 24, the Gulf South Regional Science Olympiad competition was held at Pearl River Community College.  Many high school and junior high students, from South Mississippi, competed in the science based competitions, including students from St. Patrick Catholic High School.  The junior high placed third overall.  The Irish teams will advance to the state competition at the University of Southern Mississippi on April 6th.

Science Olympiad is an organization that has the intent of improving education in many fields of science through active learning and competition. This organization helps students realize their passion for science in students of all ages, helps to create teamwork, and lets students witness the different fields of science through their eyes.

The competitions for Science Olympiad are intense and require a lot of preparation. There many different team events and fifteen students are allowed to compete from each school team.  The events include all different fields of science including chemistry, genetics, and mechanical engineering.  The teams placed in the following events.

Junior High Team

Crime Busters 2nd place- Claire Wingfield and Gavriella Persing
Disease Detectives 3rd  place- Anthony Bui and Kelsey Descher
Potions and Poisons 3rd place- Madison Owen and Gavriella Persing
Battery Buggy 3rd place- Claire Wingfield and Gavriella Persing
Anatomy and Physiology 1st place- Claire Wingfield and Gavriella Persing
Optics 3rd place- Emerson Morris and Sofia Spiccza
Towers 2nd place- Madison Owen and Presley Mullinax

High School Team

Anatomy and Physiology 2nd place- Matthew Bisner and Christina Parry
Disease Detectives 1st place- Max Grill and Amelie Million
Astronomy 3rd place- Spencer Wingfield and Tyler Fulmer
Optics 3rd place- Lauren Skinner and Raven Gonsoulin
Write It/Do It 1st place- Richard Springer and Diego Riojas
Forensics 2nd place- Lauren Skinner and Natallie Noel
Mousetrap 2nd place- Amelie Million and Natallie Noel

Story by Natallie Noel