This Week at St. Patrick – Week of January 3

Dear St. Patrick Students, Faculty, Staff, and Parents,

Happy New Year!  All of us here at St. Patrick pray that God will shower you and your loved ones with many blessings in 2023.

We are excited about the start of the second semester – classes will resume and offices will reopen on Tuesday, January 3. Today, all of our faculty and staff spent the day preparing for the start of the new year and new semester in spiritual retreat. We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Throughout the week, teachers will be finalizing students’ first semester grades. Report Cards for the first semester will be available Friday.

It is certainly going to be another excellent semester at St. Patrick! Thank you for being part of our family.

Let’s make it a great week!

Go Irish!
Dr. Matt Buckley

Joshua 1:9: Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

This command and promise to Joshua is also for us as we embrace the upcoming year. We have no idea what lies ahead, we only know that God will go with us if we will ask him on our journey and seek to follow his will. So this verse is not just a promise to cherish, “I will go with you.” It is also a command! “Be strong, courageous, and do not be terrified or discouraged.” We embrace this upcoming year as an opportunity to serve God and not as something to fear!

Holy and Almighty Father, thank you for being with me as I begin this new year. Please empower me with your Spirit to greet it with passion and excitement for the opportunities ahead. Please forgive me when my own inadequacies and the unknown ahead of me make me fearful and indecisive. Give me courage to live boldly for you this year. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Isgar, Elijah
Jordan, Isabella
Labit, Brian
Lesso, Ava
Myers, Cannon
Patino, Alexandrea
Ziegeler, Lauralee
Mrs. Lauren Williams
Mr. Marshall Parrish

Tuesday, January 3
AM Fog/PM Clouds | 73° | 60° | 15%

Start of Second Semester
8:30am Logistics Team Meeting
3:05pm LEGO Robotics Work Session
3:05pm Quiz Bowl Meeting
5:30pm Varsity Women’s Soccer vs. East Central (Away)
6pm Varsity Women’s Basketball vs. Tylertown (Home)
7pm Varsity Men’s Soccer vs. East Central (Away)
7:30pm Varsity Men’s Basketball vs. Tylertown (Home)

Wednesday, January 4
AM Fog/PM Clouds | 73° | 60° | 15%

7:45am Mu Alpha Theta Meeting
8:15am PTO Meeting
10am Ninth Grade Class Talk
12:30pm Eighth Grade Class Talk
1:30pm Seventh Grade Class Talk
3:05pm Choir Practice
5:30pm JV Women’s Soccer vs. Picayune (Home)
7pm JV Men’s Soccer vs. Picayune (Home)

Thursday, January 5
AM Fog/PM Clouds | 73° | 60° | 15%

We will follow the liturgy bell schedule today, and students should dress in their liturgy uniform including blazers and ties.
7:30am Choir Practice
9am Tenth Grade Class Talk
9:40am Mass
11am Eleventh Grade Class Talk
1:30pm Twelfth Grade Class Talk
3:05pm MathCounts Meeting
3:05pm eSports Meeting
3:05pm Mock Trial Meeting
4:30pm 7th Grade Girls Basketball vs. Gautier (Home)
4:30pm JV Men’s Soccer vs. Sacred Heart (Away)
5:30pm Wrestling Dual Meet @ St. Martin
5:30pm JH Women’s Soccer vs. Vancleave(Home)
5:30pm Varsity Women’s Soccer vs. Sacred Heart (Away)
5:30pm 7th Grade Boys Basketball vs. Gautier (Home)
6:30pm 8th Grade Girls Basketball vs. Gautier (Home)
7pm JH Men’s Soccer vs. Vancleave (Home)
7pm Varsity Men’s Soccer vs. Sacred Heart (Away)
7:30pm 8th Grade Boys Basketball vs. Gautier (Home)

Friday, January 6
AM Fog/PM Clouds | 73° | 60° | 15%

7:45am Science Olympiad Meeting
9am Leadership Team Meeting – Operations
1pm Irish Raffle Drawing
6pm Varsity Women’s Basketball vs. Jefferson Davis County (Away)
7:30pm Varsity Men’s Basketball vs. Jefferson Davis County (Away)

Saturday, January 7
AM Fog/PM Clouds | 73° | 60° | 15%

8am FIRST Robotics Kickoff
9am JH Soccer Tournament at Ocean Springs
9am Women’s Varsity Soccer vs. Oak Grove (@ Gulfport Sportsplex)

Tuesday | Hot Lunch: chicken parmesan with noodles, green beans, garlic toast; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, french fries, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

Wednesday | Hot Lunch: corn dog, macaroni and cheese, field peas; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, tater tots, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

Thursday | Hot Lunch: loaded macaroni and cheese, broccoli, roll; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, french fries, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

Friday | Hot Lunch: chicken nuggets, broccoli rice casserole, roll; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, french fries, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

Welcome back to the second semester here at St. Patrick Catholic High School! We hope you had a wonderful and restful Christmas holiday season and you enjoyed the time off with your family and friends.

If your child is in a year-long course, remember that the first semester average and the second semester average (completed in May) will average together for the overall average for the course.

As we start the new semester please begin by being attentive to all assignments for your coursework.  We want to navigate the semester by completing all work on time and doing our best on each of your assessments.  As always, your teachers are readily available to ask questions and give support as you complete the curriculum for each course.

Be mindful of the use of the modules and calendar in Canvas.  They are both excellent resources to provide information on what is taking place in class, what assignments your child has to complete as well as the due dates/times for each of these assignments.

If we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out!


Welcome back! I hope everyone had a restful and fulfilling holiday! Let’s take a look at what we have going on our first week back:

Beginning Tuesday, January 2nd, our bus driven by Mrs. Edwards will once again return to Holy Family Parish Center for both morning pick up and drop off. If your student rides that route, please make plans accordingly.

On Tuesday, our Varsity Soccer teams travel to East Central for games at 5:30 and 7pm, while our Varsity Basketball teams host an important district game vs. Tylertown at 6 and 7:30pm. Lego Robotics and Quiz Bowl have meetings during the day.

Wednesday we will have a Mu Alpha Theta meeting in the morning and Choir Practice immediately after school. Wednesday night our JV Soccer teams will host Picayune. Come out and support our Irish!

Thursday begins with Choir Practice, eSports and Mock Trial meetings during the day, followed in the evening by Junior High Basketball at home versus Gautier as well as Junior High Soccer at home vs. Vancleave. Also, our Varsity Soccer teams travel to Sacred Heart for an important district match. Our Wrestling team will also travel to St. Martin for a Dual Meet. Good Luck to all of our teams!

Friday, we will have a Science Olympiad meeting in the morning, and in the evening our Varsity Basketball teams will travel to Jefferson Davis County for another district game. Our Varsity Women’s Soccer team will participate in the Gulfport Blast Tournament against Hernando on Friday as well. Safe Travels to our teams and coaches!

Saturday morning our JV Women’s Soccer team will play Oak Grove in the Gulfport Blast Tournament. Let’s Go!

Please remember to purchase tickets for our home games at If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Go Irish!

Results from Previous Week:

12/12 8th Grade Girls Basketball vs. Magnolia- Magnolia 25-19
12/12 8th Grade Boys Basketball vs. Magnolia- Magnolia 39-33
12/12 JH Women’s Soccer vs. Pearl River Central- St. Patrick 4-1
12/12 JH Men’s Soccer vs. Pearl River Central- St. Patrick 2-1
12/12 Bowling Match @ Cypress Lanes- 2nd Place
12/12 JV Women’s Soccer vs. Ocean Springs- Ocean Springs 1-0
12/12 Varsity Women’s Soccer vs. Ocean Springs- Ocean Springs 3-0
12/16 JV Men’s Basketball vs. Stone- Stone 49-44
12/16 Varsity Women’s Basketball vs. Stone- St. Patrick 41-21
12/16 Varsity Men’s Basketball vs. Stone- St. Patrick 61-48
12/16 Varsity Women’s Soccer vs. George County- St. Patrick 2-1
12/16 Varsity Men’s Soccer vs. George County- St. Patrick 6-1
12/17 Varsity Men’s Basketball @ NE Jones Classic- St. Patrick 75-31 over Laurel Christian
12/17 Wrestling- Bulldog Brawl @ Vancleave- 7th out of 14; 3-Top 3 Finishes
12/20 Varsity Men’s Basketball @ Lamar Meridian Bash- St. Patrick 73-46 over Columbia; St. Patrick 59-50 over NE Jones
12/30 Varsity Men’s Basketball @ South Jones Tournament- St. Patrick 56-50 over North Forrest; South Jones 54-50 over St. Patrick

🗞️ News: Dr. Matt Buckley appointed Superintendent for the Diocese of Biloxi
📹 Video: Dr. Buckley WXXV interview
🗞️ News: St. Patrick reduces debt by $1 million
📸 Photo Gallery: Wrestling District Meet at St. Martin
📸 Photo Gallery: Junior High Girls Soccer vs. Pearl River

Congratulations to Bryon Shepard for signing and committing to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College to play soccer!


Welcome to the start of the second semester!

Here’s how journaling can benefit teens. You might already know that journaling is a great outlet. It’s recommended for anyone, from children to adults, who wants to relax, become more grateful, and get to know themselves better. If you have a teenager who is struggling with stress, strong emotions, or other similar issues, encourage them to start writing in a journal. Here’s a list of five benefits that they can experience from doing this.

1. Journaling Helps Reduce Stress Levels – Journaling is a great way to relieve stress. Today’s teens are under more stress than some adults; not only do they have school and extracurricular activities, but many of them also have part-time jobs, volunteer obligations, and a host of personal difficulties, including family issues and friend drama. Taking some time each day to write in a journal can help a teen keep his or her stress levels manageable.

First, journaling requires the person to stop what they are doing and focus on what is happening at that moment. Putting down their smartphone and forgetting about school work or personal issues is a break that all people need from time to time.

Second, journaling allows teens to write down their many thoughts, effectively getting them out of their head and making room for new ones. If you’ve ever felt less overwhelmed once you wrote down everything you needed to, you understand this phenomenon.

2. Journaling Can Raise a Teen’s Knowledge of Self – Busy teens often go from activity to activity without taking a lot of time for self-reflection along the way. They might feel pressured by peers and family members to follow the same belief system and to accept the status quo. Only when a teen sits down, puts away the constant pull of electronics, and puts pen to paper do they really have the time to reflect and write down their thoughts.

When your teen goes back and re-reads what they’ve written, they might be surprised at how much insight that had at that particular point in time. Over time, your teen will be spending time with him- or herself and getting to know what kind of person they are growing up to be.

3. Journaling Can Help Teens Process Strong Emotions – There’s no doubt about it: Adolescence is rife with strong emotions. It can be difficult for teenagers to handle and process these emotions, and sometimes they lead to mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Taking some time to write down what they’re feeling and processing those feelings can help your teen get through difficult feelings.

4. Journaling Can Raise a Teen’s Grades – Although you might not realize it, any writing practice can raise a person’s vocabulary, syntax, spelling, and general language usage. This can, in turn, lead to better grades. If your teen doesn’t like English class, journaling might be just what the doctor, or, more accurately, teacher, ordered.

Spelling and punctuation don’t count when someone is writing in a private journal, of course, but your teen might begin to make the effort to make his or her thoughts more clear to look back on later. Also, as they learn grammar rules in school, they might unwittingly practice them when writing in their journal.

5. Journaling Can Help a Teen Solve Problems – While thinking through problems can help you learn to solve them, there are some issues that really require the right side of the brain to solve well. This is because the right side of the brain is associated with creativity. Writing in a journal can help unleash that creativity, and this different way of thinking about events and situations can lead to problem-solving prowess.

You have probably experienced something similar if you’ve ever been in a brainstorming session. That’s one way journaling can be used to boost brain power when it comes to solving a problem. Encourage your teen to write down anything that comes to mind that might possibly help solve whatever problem they’re navigating. Tell them not to judge or edit in the beginning stages; just write down any thoughts that crop up. A little later, your teen can look back with fresh eyes to see what might make sense. His or her problem-solving skills might surprise you!

Conclusion – Whether your teen is looking for help achieving their goals, new problem-solving skills, a way to learn more about themselves, or an effective method to fight stress, journaling is a great practice to begin during the adolescent years. It can be a treasured hobby for decades, and one day, your middle-aged or elderly teen might choose to look back and read the journals they kept throughout their life. Remember, also, that it’s never too late to start journaling! If your teen is hesitant, buy yourself a journal, too, and see if you reap the same benefits.

Students may begin applying for scholarships as early as their freshman year of high school. Check out the following links for hundreds of scholarship opportunities for students in all grade levels. 

Get 2 College Scholarships
Fastweb College Scholarships
Big Future Scholarships
Specific scholarships are also posted on the school website as they become available.


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