Thursday, April 18

Today’s Prayer and Reflection:

I have given you a model to follow. (John 13:15)

Look at the contrast. The apostles were arguing with each other at the Last Supper, while Jesus was on his knees washing their feet.

The washing of the feet was not a new practice invented by Jesus. It was commonly practiced whenever a person entered a house after a journey. Typically, family members and their guests would wash their own feet. But wealthy people had slaves to do the washing for them.

That’s what makes Jesus’ gesture so moving. The disciples could have washed their own feet, as they normally would, but Jesus insisted on taking the role of a slave and doing it for them. Let’s not forget, also that these were not the elegant, perfumed, well-tended feet of princes. These feet were probably dirty and smelly. No wonder Peter took offense! Jesus, the man he once called “Holy One of God,” should never have to do such demeaning work (John 6:69)!

But that’s not how Jesus saw it. He wanted the disciples, and us, to see how committed he was to saving us. No sin is so large that it keeps him away. He will do whatever it takes to wash us clean. By washing his disciples’ feet, Jesus demonstrated that he came to serve us and to give up his life for our sake.

There was another reason Jesus washed their feet. He told them, “I have given you a model to follow” (John 13:15). He wants all of us to imitate him—especially in the area of offering love, forgiveness, and service. Just as there is no sin too large to be forgiven, there is no task too menial for us to do—especially if it’s in the service of someone in need. If Jesus is willing to humble himself and serve us in such a lowly task, we should do what we can for everyone around us. We should be willing to perform even the most unpleasant tasks for the glory of Jesus and the healing of his people.

Today we recall the Last Supper, when Jesus first gave us his Body and Blood. May we be just as willing to offer our lives to the people around us.

“Lord, I want to do for the people around me as you have done for me.”

Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us, 7115 Guilford Dr #100, Frederick, MD 21704,

Today’s Announcements:

  • We will be on the liturgy bell schedule today. Our Campus Ministry Team will have a Lenten skit at 9:40 this morning in the gym.
  • Due to severe weather forecast for this afternoon, St. Patrick will dismiss at noon today. We will follow the liturgy bell schedule, and students will attend first through fourth period classes. Since we are dismissing at noon today, we will not have lunch. All students will attend fourth period directly after third period, and we will discuss at noon. Afternoon bus routes will still run today – check your email or the school website for specific times. Students who had detention scheduled for today will report to detention on Tuesday following the Easter break. There will be no after school practices, meetings, or extracurricular activities for today.
  • We will vote for Student Council Representatives today. Ninth, tenth, and eleventh will vote via Canvas. Check the announcements in your ENGLISH class on Canvas for the ballot. YOU MUST VOTE BY 3PM today. Eighth grade will vote in Ms. Gryder’s class. Seventh grade will vote during Mrs. Farragut’s class. CANDIDATES: All posters must be taken down before you leave today. If your posters are not taken down, there will be consequences.
  • A representative from the Knights of Columbus will be on campus Thursday following the Lenten Presentation in the chapel to meet with senior men who are interested in learning more about the Knights of Columbus.
  • Tomorrow, the varsity track team will be competing and defending their titles at the 2A regional meet held at Pass Christian; field events start at 11:00.
  • Coach Dellenger would like to thank those FCA members who turned in Easter baskets for children in local hospitals – job well done.
  • The Men’s Basketball team celebrated their season last night with a Banquet at Patio 44.
    Coach Robinson presented Awards to:
    Holden Hewes – the Fighting Irish Award
    Christian McKee – Scholastic Achievement
    Nick Krass – the Effort and Hustle Award
    Drew Roth – the Best Rebounder Award
    Michael Moeller – Most Improved Player
    Parker Frame – Best Defensive Player
    Windfield Swetman – Best Offensive Player
    Horatio Parker – Most Valuable Player
    It was a fantastic season. Coach Robinson wishes to thank the players, parents, and fans for their support.
  • Prom t-shirts are available. If you ordered one, see Mrs. Tavel in room 100. You may pick up your shirt after school or between classes – not during class.