Tuesday, April 30

Today’s Prayer and Reflection:

The community of believers was of one heart and mind. (Acts 4:32)

Why did the early Christians decide to share all that they had with one another? The short answer is the Holy Spirit. After Pentecost, the followers of Jesus decided to place everything in common—property, possessions, and money—so that no one would suffer from lack. Motivated by love, they wanted to make sure that personal possessions posed no stumbling blocks to their unity.

God wants us to live in unity as well—in unity in our families and in our parishes. We know that this can be hard to attain, even when we earnestly desire it. It can be so easy, even if we don’t intend it, to place our needs and wants above other people’s or to see things only from our own perspective.

That’s why it’s good to ask ourselves, Where can there be more unity in my life? Maybe an estranged relationship with an old friend or a coworker comes to mind. It could be that you have a gnawing issue with a sibling. Maybe you see divisions at work or among the people in your parish.

Once you have settled on a situation, take a few moments to pray for unity. Even a simple prayer such as “Come, Holy Spirit; bring us together in unity” can make a difference. Then, quiet yourself and try to listen to what God may say to you. Maybe he’ll encourage you to be more attentive to your spouse’s concerns. He may give you a fresh perspective on a troubling relationship at work. He may even prompt you to do something to bring two parties together—over a meal or in a conversation. He is creative, so just try to be open!

We probably aren’t called to live the way the early Christians did, but we can still strive to have “one heart and mind” with one another (Acts 4:32). We will never achieve perfect unity in this life, but as we pray, the Spirit will give us a greater desire for it—and show us what we can do to help make it happen.

“Holy Spirit, show me how I can be an instrument of unity in the lives of those around me.”

Reprinted with permission of The Word Among Us, 7115 Guilford Dr #100, Frederick, MD 21704, wau.org.

Today’s Announcements:

  • We wish our juniors all the best during their spiritual retreat today. We will call for juniors to be dismissed very shortly.
  • Volleyball tryouts will be held in the gym today starting at 3:30. Make sure you have the appropriate attire for tryouts which include tennis shoes, shorts, tshirt, and knee pads. Any questions, please see Coach Blakeney.
  • The Balfour representative will be here on Wednesday, May 1, during lunch for letterman jacket/sweater fittings. Order forms will be available in the cafeteria today and tomorrow. No money will be due at the fitting.
  • The Bethesda Duck Race will be held this Saturday, they are still seeking 10-12 volunteers See Mrs. Collier for more information.
  • The Lady Irish basketball tryouts will be held next Monday, May 6. High school girls will tryout from 3:00 until 4:00 and junior high girls will tryout from 4:00 until 5:00. You must be registered at St. Patrick and also have an updated physical.
  • Women’s soccer tryouts for both high school and junior high will take place Wednesday, May, 1. The tryout will take place at the stadium from 3:30 to 5:00.
  • Tomorrow morning, eighth and eleventh grade students will take the ACRE test. The Assessment of Catholic Religious Education (ACRE) test measures knowledge of the faith as well as beliefs, behaviors, attitudes and practices of the faith.
  • We are seeking volunteers from the track team to help assist in next Tuesday’s Nativity Elementary Track Meet – see Coach Dellenger if you are interested.
  • Tryouts for high school men’s basketball will be Wednesday, May 1, from 3:15-4:45. This is for current grades 8-11. Bring shorts, gym shoes, and a t-shirt. If you are interested in trying out or have any questions see Coach Robinson.