Tutoring available every day of the week by Mu Alpha Theta members

Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society offers students countless opportunities throughout the school year to help improve their math skills. Very gifted students who are a part of this great society help fellow students through their math struggles by holding multiple tutoring sessions each week in various classrooms. Mu Alpha Theta tutoring occurs on Thursday afternoons until 3:30. Members of the club also volunteer to tutor in all of the school’s math classrooms during the respective teacher’s morning tutoring hours.

Students in Mu Alpha Theta are focused on sharing their love of math to fellow classmates and using their gifts to teach others who might need to hear an explanation from a peer rather than a teacher. Going to these tutoring sessions can really help students who want a more one-on-one experience or who do not feel comfortable asking the teacher him/herself. It creates a more laid back experience, which can help students better understand confusing or difficult content. Mu Alpha Theta consist of more than 50 members who are all dedicated to helping St. Patrick students succeed.

Junior Ellie Gillam says, “Tutoring gives me confidence! It reduces my stress in the classroom because I know that I have somewhere to go if I do not understand the concept.”

Photos from Thursday, September 6, tutoring sessions in both Mrs. Tavel and Dr. Casey’s rooms can be viewed here.

Story by Avery King