This Week at St. Patrick – Week of October 12

Hi there, Friends!

I hope you had a wonderful Fall Break and enjoyed this gorgeous weather!

During part of my fall break, I had the joy of spending time outside with my two sons, Easton (7) and Rowan (3), and my daughter, Adalyn (5).

At one point during the extended weekend, these two boys got in trouble for something (probably fighting with their sister).
So upon getting corrected, they decided to pack their suitcases, and they informed me that they were leaving and moving out.

When I reminded them they didn’t have any money, their response was, “okay, well we will go earn some money, and then we will leave.. okay, Dad?!”

This encounter made me reflect on my childhood and those times I wanted to just pack up and run away. And if I am being honest, there have been times as an adult that I wanted to pack up and run away too. To be free.

In today’s first reading, St. Paul reminds the Galatians, and us, that there is more to our freedom in Christ than just freedom from sin. There is more than freedom from the limitation of death. Jesus has set us free so that we can know God’s love, love him in return, and love our neighbors as he loves us. What really counts, Paul says, is “faith working through love” (Galatians 5:6).

Many things happen to each of us each day that are not under our control; however, our attitude and the way we respond to the circumstances we face or the people we are around are entirely up to us. We can deliberately choose to put love into everything we do and everything that happens to us. That is genuine freedom.

Throughout this week, I encourage you to make a conscious decision to offer your day to the Lord. Take some time to pray through what you know about your schedule and the people you’ll see and encounter. Remember that Christ set you free so that you could love them better and show his love to them. You will have plenty of opportunities to give of yourself or let go of your own preferences or put someone ahead of yourself. So make the choice ahead of time that you will bring love into each situation. Because that’s what your freedom is for.

This week, may our prayer be to freely offer our Lord every moment of our days. May he help us to approach every aspect of our days with his love. Let’s make it a great week at St. Patrick!

Go Irish!

Dr. Matt Buckley

Psalm 62:8: Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.

It is so hard to share the secrets of our hearts with anyone. We want to keep our secret failings, embarrassments, and sins hidden. We fear that others would reject us and we would shame ourselves if anyone knew the secret sludge in our hearts. But hidden sin is only hidden from us. It is not hidden from our Father. Hidden sin festers in our hearts and drives a wedge between us and the God who would forgive us and empower us to triumph over it. If only we would pour out our hearts to him knowing that he longs to be our refuge.

Loving Father and Holy God, today I want to confess to you several things on my heart. Father, I am afraid for others to know that I have…(confess your most secret and shameful sins to God) Holy God, I have sinned and ask your forgiveness for…(confess those sins that others may not see as all that important, but that Satan uses to diminish your allegiance to God) Eternal Lord, I get anxious about…(confess those things that make you worry and place them in God’s hands) You alone are my refuge and strength. I trust these confessions with you and ask that you strengthen me by the power of your Holy Spirit to not fall into these same traps again and again. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Bechtel, Aubrey
Britt, Camry
Duprey, Addyson
Galle, Connor
Hanberry, Olivia
Mclendon, Carter
Thompson, Sydney

Wednesday, October 12
Thunderstorms | 81° | 68° | 77%

We will follow the testing bell schedule today, and lunch will be held during fifth period.
7:30am Social Studies, Elective Department Meetings
7:30am Holy Half – Eucharistic Adoration
7:45am Art Honor Society Meeting
8:30am PSAT
8:30am Logistics Team Meeting
Winter Athletic Team Practice Begins
12:30pm Winter Media Day + Senior Banners
2:15pm Leadership Team Meeting – Advancement
3:05pm Choir Practice
3:05pm Key Club Meeting
6pm Women’s Soccer Tournament + Service Project

Thursday, October 13
Partly Cloudy | 86° | 54° | 24%

We will follow the liturgy bell schedule today, and students should dress in their liturgy uniform including blazers and ties.
7:30am Choir Practice
9:40am Mass
11:30am Student of the Month Luncheon
3:05pm MathCounts Meeting
3:05pm Drama Guild Meeting
3:05pm Mock Trial Meeting
6pm JH Football vs. Magnolia (Home)
6pm Varsity Volleyball vs. TBD – MHSAA 3rd Round State Playoffs
6pm Men’s Basketball Coaches/Parent Meeting
6pm Women’s Basketball Varsity and JV Parent Meeting
6:30pm Powerlifting Parent Meeting

Friday, October 14
Sunny | 82° | 60° | 6%

7:30am English Language Arts Department Meeting
7:45am Science Olympiad Meeting
9am Leadership Team Meeting – Operations
7pm Varsity Football vs. Westminster Christian (Home)

Saturday, October 15
Sunny | 83° | 61° | 6%

8am Swim South State @ Biloxi Natatorium
10am Cross Country Watson/Mississippi College Invitational
11am Band Performance at Sacred Heart and Nativity BVM

Wednesday | Hot Lunch: fajita chicken with cheese sauce, santa fe rice, refried beans and tortilla chips; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, tater tots, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

Thursday | Hot Lunch: hamburger steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, peas, roll; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, french fries, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

Friday |  Hot Lunch: chicken teriyaki with steamed rice, eggroll, stir fry vegetables ; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, french fries, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

We hope you had a wonderful Fall Holiday with your family and friends!  As this is a short week at St. Patrick, please be reminded of the support, concern and love you have from your child’s teachers and the administration.  We are here to support you and your child, and want nothing more than to help cultivate a love of learning within this excellent educational environment.

We have about five weeks before our Thanksgiving holidays and then a short two and a half weeks after that before semester exams take place. Now is the time to really buckle down in each of your courses so that you can maximize the grade opportunities. Don’t wait until the weeks leading up to exams to get your priorities in line for success, it will be too late. As always, ask your teachers for help to map out a plan for success for you in their class. Then be sure to follow through with the plan! We want nothing more than for each student to reach their highest potential in their coursework, but that takes a sustained commitment to the goals set for you. You can do this!

Here are some parenting tips we would like to share regarding homework.

One of the biggest ways parents can get involved in the academic endeavors of their children is through the nightly homework. While most children are not wild about the idea of cracking books at home, homework is an essential task that teaches children to work independently and gives parents a glimpse of what the child is learning. To ensure homework time is successful, consider the following tips:

Establish a Routine and Set Rules about Homework Time – children tend to get on homework without grumbling much better if they know when and where homework is supposed to be completed. Simple rules like no television before homework is completed sets priorities and prevents distractions. A routine also teaches the child good study habits that will carry with him or her throughout his or her academic career.

Make an Organized Place for Homework Completion – like a routine that tells a child when homework should be done, an area of the home set up for the task fosters productivity and focus. A homework corner should be equipped with all necessary supplies, including paper, pencils, erasers and good lighting so students can put all of their attention on the task at hand.

Check Homework to be Sure it Gets Done – once a child is finished with his or her homework, look it over to be sure it is complete and correct. If your child is struggling in a particular subject and you don’t feel equipped to help, schedule some time to talk to your child’s teacher. When the homework is completed, don’t forget to praise him or her for a job well done!

Here are some Canvas features that some might not be aware of:

To toggle back and forth between a card view versus a list view for your Canvas courses, in the top right, change the Dashboard View based on your preference.

To see that a teacher has made “Announcements” in your Canvas course, see the circled images below, and click on these megaphones to view your teacher’s announcements.

We are continuing to conduct Department Meetings this week.  These meetings will encourage collaboration and constructive conversations about best instructional practices to most benefit your child’s academic success.

We hope you had a great Fall Break!

Winter Media Day and our Senior Banner pictures will be held on Wednesday, beginning at 1pm. Coaches for the winter sports have the senior banner forms.

Congratulations to Varsity Volleyball for advancing to the second round of the playoffs! We wish Coach Blakeney and our Varsity Volleyball team all the best today.

JH Football has their final home game on Thursday vs. Magnolia, beginning at 6pm. Please come out and support the Irish!

Varsity Football hosts Westminster Christian Academy at 7pm on Friday. We look forward to seeing you there!

Swim will participate in the South State Meet at the Biloxi Natatorium on Saturday. Come out and watch!

Cross Country will be traveling to Mississippi College on Saturday to compete in the Watson Invitational. Good Luck to Coach McDaniel and the team!

Our Band will be performing at Sacred Heart and Nativity on Saturday. Make sure you support Mr. Brookins and our band!

Key Club, Art Honor Society, MathCounts, Drama Guild, Mock Trial, and Science Olympiad all have meetings during the week, so please make sure to check the calendar for dates and times.

Tickets are on sale for home events at Please purchase all home athletic tickets online at that link.

Below are the results from our teams last week:

10/3 JV Volleyball vs. Harrison Central (Away) –  W 2-0
10/3 Varsity Volleyball vs. Harrison Central (Away) – L 3-2
10/4 JV Volleyball vs. Pascagoula (Home) – W 2-0
10/4 Varsity Volleyball vs. Pascagoula (Home) – W 3-2
10/5 Swim Meet @ Biloxi – Mens – 1st; Womens -1st
10/6 7th Grade Football vs. St. Stanislaus (Away) – L 22-0
10/6 8th Grade Football vs. St. Stanislaus (Away) – L 42-12
10/6 JV Volleyball vs. Harrison Central (Home) – W 2-0
10/6 Varsity Volleyball vs. Harrison Central (Home) – L 3-2
10/7 Varsity Football vs. Sylva Bay Academy (Away) – W 15-8
10/8 Varsity Volleyball vs. Jefferson Davis County (Home – MHSAA 1st Round Playoffs) – W 3-0

📸 Photo Gallery: Swim Meet at Demourelle
📸 Photo Gallery: Looking Back: Homecoming Week 2022
📰 News: Fr. Braxton Necaise and Seminarian Chris Collins Visit Seniors and Juniors
📸 Photo Gallery: Cross Country – Forerunner Lakeshore Run
📸 Photo Gallery: Swim Meet at Biloxi
🎥 Video: October Luck of the Irish Raffle Drawing

The PSAT workshop went well. The PSAT test will be administered on Wednesday, October 12. Students who are taking the PSAT should report directly to the cafeteria. We will be on the Testing Bell Schedule.

Please check scholarship deadlines. There are several scholarships due this month.

College Planning Checklist

Planning for college should begin long before a student’s senior year of high school. Students and parents should begin planning for college during the student’s freshman year of high school. Below is a list of steps students and families can complete for each year of high school prior to a student’s senior year to help with the college planning process.

Ninth Grade
– Create a four year graduation plan that includes all required courses
– Research possible career paths
– Make a list of potential areas of study in college
– Choose extracurriculars and stay committed to them
– Complete service hours
– Create a student resume
– Schedule a meeting with a member of the guidance department for any questions that arise during your research

Tenth Grade
– Sign up to take the PSAT
– Complete practice tests, tutorials, or a workshop for the PSAT test
– Continue to be involved in your chosen extracurriculars
– Research types of colleges and degree programs
– Add to your student resume
– Study for the ACT
– Take the ACT
– Schedule a meeting with a member of the guidance department to discuss any questions that arise about college planning during this year

Eleventh Grade
– Sign up for the PSAT test (junior year scores are considered for National Merit semifinalist designation)
– Complete practice tests, tutorials, or a workshop to prepare for the PSAT
– Continue to be involved in your extracurriculars and take on more responsibilities in these activities
– Consider enrolling in a Dual Credit course
– Study for the ACT
– Take the ACT test several times
– Add to your student resume
– Begin researching and applying for scholarships
– Schedule a meeting with a member of the guidance department to discuss any questions that arise about college planning during this year

Wow! For the third year in a row, we’ve broken the school record for funds raised through the Luck of the Irish Raffle presented by C.F. Gollott & Son. Together, we’ve raised more than $141,000 in route to our goal of $150,000. Thank you for your love and support!

To accomplish our goal of $150,000, we are counting on each student to sell at least 1 booklet of tickets (10 total tickets). When you sell a booklet, your hard work provides resources for nearly 50 different programs at St. Patrick.

Every student and staff member who sells a booklet of tickets will be allowed to dress in spirit wear (St. Patrick shirt, jeans, and any closed-toe shoes) every Friday throughout the school year.

Let’s keep selling! Tickets are $20 each, and a lucky $1,000 winner will be drawn each month from October through May.  Each month, the winning ticket remains in the drawing, so those who purchase tickets have a chance to win up to $10,000.  Our next drawing will be Friday, November 4, so get your tickets turned in to the front office so they will be included in the next drawing.  Tickets may also be purchased online at  If you need additional tickets to sell, please give us a call or stop by the office.