This Week at St. Patrick – Week of October 17

Good Sunday evening to you – I hope this email finds you well!

Share the date – our Open House is scheduled for Sunday, November 13. Do you know a prospective student and family who is interested in joining our school for the 2023-24 school year? Please invite them to our Open House to learn more about our school. Admission for new students for the 2023-24 school year will be very competitive due to enrollment currently being at capacity. Please invite those families who would make a great addition to our school to Open House.

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Late this week and upcoming weekend, Mr. Miller and I will be attending a silent spiritual retreat at Manresa.  I humbly ask for your prayers during this time of spiritual retreat.

Do you want a summary of today’s readings? Keep praying! You may need support, like Moses in the first reading, but keep praying! You may need to persevere, like the widow in the Gospel, but keep praying! Our God loves us; he desires our good and promises to answer us.

It sounds so simple: if we just pray hard enough, with enough faith, God will act. He will bring healing or reconciliation or victory over sin—and all will be well. But let’s be honest; sometimes it doesn’t work that way. Sometimes God is “slow to answer” (Luke 18:7). And sometimes it seems that he doesn’t answer us at all.

So how do we handle unanswered prayers? This is one of life’s hardest questions. Even Jesus prayed that his “cup” of suffering would pass—and it didn’t (Matthew 26:39). He prayed for all believers to be one—and we aren’t (John 17:21). Even so, Jesus tells us to pray always and not grow weary because in the end, God will see that justice is done (Luke 18:1, 7).

Perhaps there’s more to persisting than praying hard until we get our answer. Maybe it also means clinging to God when he seems distant. Maybe it means praying for a miracle while also surrendering to God’s mysterious plan. Maybe persisting looks like Jesus in Gethsemane.

So like Jesus, we can keep bringing our prayers to God. Like him, we can hold on to God’s love and trust him. And like Jesus, we can persist in surrendering to God’s ways, even when we don’t understand. “Not as I will, but as you will” (Matthew 26:39).

Jesus knows that none of this is easy. But the God who sent angels to comfort Jesus will strengthen you. And one day he will bring you into his presence. So until then, keep praying. Trust and hope in the Lord who will make all things new.

Spend some intentional time in prayer this week, and know that I will be praying for you.

Go Irish!

Dr. Matt Buckley

Romans 12:2: Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is — his good, pleasing, and perfect will.

Don’t be molded by the world. Wow, isn’t that a tough one to obey. It’s a reminder that what we think is one of the places of greatest spiritual warfare. Sloppy thinking is more than sloppy, it’s dangerous because we are fed messages constantly that distort God’s truth and holy values. But rather than being incensed by the world acting like the world, let’s be transformed by renewing our minds and doing what Paul said he did — take every thought, every word, captive for Christ. We often think a tithe is giving ten percent of our money, but an even more vital tithe is giving ten percent of our totally undivided thought time to the things of God!

Lord, please guard my soul from pride, my heart from callousness, and my mind from too much focus on unimportant things and not enough on your things. Teach me in my heart what it means to be about my Father’s business, especially in the world of my thoughts! In the name of Jesus, my greatest example of one who knew and lived your will, I pray. Amen.

Alexander, DeJuan
Beck, Kelsey
Boles, Bruce
Colby, Abigail
Dalon, Caston
Davis, Eric
DiNardo, Ramona
Forero, Mia
Karcher, Olivia
March, Audrey
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Winstead, Jacob
Mr. Ted Williams
Mr. Dave Gaunce
Mrs. Jamie Meyers

Monday, October 17
Cloudy | 82° | 49° | 21%

7:30am Holy Half – Eucharistic Adoration
7:45am French Honor Society/French Club Meeting
7:45am Spanish Honor Society/Spanish Club Meeting
8:15am Charter for the Protection of Youth and Vulnerable Adults Catechesis Lesson
8:30am Logistics Team Meeting
2:15pm Leadership Team Meeting – Advancement
3:05pm Robotics Work Session
3:05pm Theology of the Body Campus Session – Theology Department
6pm Bass Fishing Pre-Tournament Meeting

Tuesday, October 18
Partly Cloudy | 65° | 37° | 0%

7:45am Student Council Meeting
7:45am Students for Life Meeting
8:30am ACT (Seniors and Juniors)
2pm Cross Country – MHSAA Junior High State Championships
3:05pm Chick-fil-A Leader Academy Meeting
3:05pm LEGO Robotics Work Session
3:05pm Quiz Bowl Meeting
3:15pm JH Cheer Practice

Wednesday, October 19
Sunny | 65° | 39° | 0%

7:30am Holy Half – Eucharistic Adoration
7:45am National Honor Society Meeting
9am Senior Cap/Gown Fitting + Invitation Presentation
3:05pm Interact Club Meeting
3:05pm Robotics Work Session
3:05pm Choir Practice
6pm National Junior Honor Society Induction

Thursday, October 20
Sunny | 69° | 45° | 1%

We will follow the liturgy bell schedule today, and students should dress in their liturgy uniform including blazers and ties.
7:30am Choir Practice
9:40am Mass
11:30am Student of the Month Luncheon
3:05pm MathCounts Meeting
3:05pm eSports Meeting
3:05pm Mock Trial Meeting

Friday, October 21
Sunny | 76° | 56° | 3%

We will follow the pep rally bell schedule today, and all students have a free dress day.  Students may dress in the theme of the pep rally (Country vs. Country Club) or may wear any St. Patrick shirt. Be sure to check the handbook for Free Dress Day requirements and make certain all are in compliance.
7:30am Students for Life Baby Drive
7:45am English Honor Society Meeting
7:45am Science Olympiad Meeting
9am Leadership Team Meeting – Operations
2:30pm Pep Rally
3:05pm Film Club meeting
7pm Varsity Football vs. Chickasaw (Home)

Saturday, October 22
Mostly Sunny | 79° | 57° | 6%

8am Swim – State @ Tupelo
8am ACT
10am Varsity Women’s Soccer – @ Gulfport Jamboree

Monday | Hot Lunch: spaghetti with meat sauce, green beans, garlic toast; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, french fries, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

Tuesday | Hot Lunch: chicken cheesy rice, peas, roll; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, french fries, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

Wednesday | Hot Lunch: egg rolls, fried rice, stir-fry vegetables; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, tater tots, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

Thursday | Hot Lunch: chicken tenders, broccoli rice casserole, roll; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, french fries, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

Friday |  Hot Lunch: meatball sub, macaroni and cheese, broccoli ; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, french fries, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

One of the most frustrating components for parents who are working to help their children succeed in school can be the underachieving student. These bright children may demonstrate their aptitude in some ways, such as standardized tests or basic interactions with adults, their grades do not reflect their apparent abilities. Parents of these students may devote a significant amount of time and energy into helping these children overcome what may be perceived as study or learning deficiencies – often to no avail. If an underachieving student is in your family, these tips may offer some solutions:

Teach the Student Self Control – when children learn to take control of their desire for immediate gratification, they learn the rewards of their efforts can be far-reaching.

Encourage Independence – underachieving students usually need to learn to focus on a task and stick with it until completion – without nagging from a parent or teacher. However, this is not an easy lesson for these children to learn, and it takes plenty of time and patience before the concept catches on.

Cultivate Will-Power – underachieving children need to learn to force themselves to stick with a task until it is finally finished. Will-power might also be referred to as self-discipline, and it is a necessary component for all aspects of a successful life.

Consider the Spiritual Side of a Work Ethic – when students learn to transform negative moods and attitudes into positive, productive outcomes, it can change their entire outlook on life.

Teach Personal Responsibility – students who do not tend to pull their own weight need to learn that their success or failure rests on them alone – not on their teachers or parents. When students learn that they hold the key to their destiny, they become more motivated to succeed academically.

Develop Rational Thinking – logical thinking as an important component of succeeding in the real world. Students need to learn to look at the world in realistic terms and meet problems head-on if they are going to see success in their endeavors.


Congratulations to the varsity mens and womens  swim teams for winning the South State Championship on Saturday! They will now head to Tupelo for the State Championship.

Beginning Monday, October 17, morning dropoff and afternoon pickup for Mrs. Edwards’ bus route in Long Beach will be changed to the back parking lot of Coast Episcopal School (directly across from Martha’s Restaurant), due to the temporary closure of Menge Avenue. This will be the daily location for the route through the conclusion of the first semester. The address to Coast Episcopal School is 5065 Espy Avenue, Long Beach, MS 39560. If you have any questions with regards to this, please contact me at

We have another exciting week this week at St. Patrick!

On Monday we have the following activities having meetings: French Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Robotics, and Bass Fishing.

Tuesday we have a Student Council meeting, Students for Life, Quiz Bowl, and Chick-fil-a Leader Academy. Special shoutout to Coach McDaniel and his JH Cross Country team as they also travel to Clinton to compete in the MHSAA Junior High Cross Country Championships on Tuesday as well. Good Luck!

On Wednesday we have a National Honor Society, Interact Club, and Robotics meetings/work sessions. At 6pm we will have our National Junior Honor Society Induction ceremony. Congratulations to all of these students!

MathCounts, Mock Trial, and ESports all have meetings on Thursday.

Friday we have a morning Science Olympiad meeting, and at 7pm the Varsity Football team will host Chickasaw (AL) in a contest. Go Irish!

On Saturday we conclude a fall sport and begin a winter sport, with our Swim team competing in the State Championships at the Tupelo Aquatic Center, and our Women’s Soccer team competing in the Gulfport Jamboree. Good Luck to both teams!

Tickets are on sale for home events at Please purchase all home athletic tickets online at that link.

Below are the results from our teams last week:

10/11 Volleyball vs. Union (Away – MHSAA 2nd Round State Playoffs) – L 3-2
10/13 JH Football vs. Magnolia (Home) – L 36-6
10/14 Varsity Football vs. Westminster Christian Academy (Home) – W 48-33
10/15 Swim @ South State (Biloxi Natatorium) – Women – South State Champions; Men – South State Champions
10/15 Cross Country @ Watson/Mississippi College Invitational (Clinton, MS) – Varsity Women – 2nd; Varsity Men 2nd; JH Girls 5th

Congratulations to senior Caden Demers! Caden is Community Bank’s latest Dollars for Scholars Challenge winner. He successfully threw a football through the Dollars for Scholars board from the 10-yard line, winning him a $250 scholarship.

📸 Photo Gallery: Lady Irish vs. Jefferson Davis: 1st Round MHSAA Playoffs
📸 Photo Gallery: Cross Country – Admiral Brickyard Bayou Classic
📰 News: Campus Ministry Celebrates Life Month
📰 News: Annabelle Tarrant named WXXV Student Athlete of the Week
📰 News: St. John Alumni Wins International Award

Please check scholarship deadlines. There are several scholarships due this month.

Good luck to all juniors and seniors taking the ACT! Juniors and seniors will take the ACT this Tuesday, October 18th. Students should report to the cafeteria by 8 a.m. with an ACT approved calculator, sharpened no. 2 pencils (no mechanical pencils are allowed), a snack, and a clear bottle of water. It is also suggested to bring extra batteries for calculators. Students may not check in or out during the test.

Junior High Winter Sports Schedules: All junior high students participating in a winter sport will receive an updated class schedule Monday morning. Junior high fall sports participants not participating in a winter sport will receive a new schedule with their fifth period advisement course. These new schedules will be in effect as of Monday.


As we continue through fall and enter into winter, it can be easy for us to be consumed by our busyness – to find short-lived happiness in our materialistic world or become consumed by the excitement surrounding our upcoming Catholic Holy Days. Admittedly, I’m an overthinker and oftentimes I lean on my understanding to find comfort in my thoughts and interpretations of the world – my world. It takes me approximately 27 minutes to drive to St. Patrick every morning. I try to use this time for reflection and daily prayer but it often turns into meaningless discussions with myself. I can become filled with worry and anxiousness about my situation for the day or week (thanks Ph.D. assignments).

I recently listened to and later read a homily from Saint John Henry Newman entitled Holiness Necessary for Future Blessedness. His words opened me up to reflect on both my daily interpretation of the world, but also our mission at St. Patrick. As a Catholic and an alumnus of St. Patrick, how fortunate and privileged am I to have had God’s grace pledged to me daily since my youth? Yet sometimes, maybe oftentimes, I don’t utilize the privilege of God’s grace in my life. I make life so hard, and only because I lean on my understanding of it all. I am grateful, however, for seeing this in myself and being reminded of my place in His Church, at St. Patrick (2007 and today), in Christ’s place, being guided to His grace. For me as an adult, it’s always my roots in Catholic Youth Organization and Catholic education that bring me back to being an instrument of my own salvation.

I hope this reflection serves as a reminder that your sacrifices and investments in Catholic education are greatly returned in His grace. At least, they are and have been for me. bNearly 15 years after I walked the halls of St. Patrick, I’m still reminded and guided by His grace shown to me by those, my family, who allowed me the opportunity to attend Catholic school – St. Alphonsus, Mercy Cross, and St. Patrick. I’m forever grateful.