This Week at St. Patrick – Week of November 7


I hope you are doing well and have enjoyed a wonderful weekend.  It’s almost 6pm, but it feels like midnight already – we are gearing up for another excellent week here at St. Patrick

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were able to get a glimpse of heaven before we died? To experience, if only for a few moments, the grace of being fully united to our heavenly Father would radically change us. Our worldly attachments would fade, and our determination to live a life pleasing to God would grow.

Since we can’t take a “round trip” to heaven, we’ll never know what it’s actually like until we get there. But we can put our faith in what Jesus tells the Sadducees in today’s Gospel reading. While he provides only a small glimpse of the resurrected life, he leaves no doubt that “the dead will rise” (Luke 20:35, 37). So even without knowing more, we can place our hope in the reality of the resurrection and develop a true longing for the life that Jesus has promised us.

How would such a yearning for heaven change us? Just look at today’s first reading of the woman and her seven sons who were tortured and killed for refusing to violate God’s laws (2 Maccabees 7). Each of them was able to face their executioners bravely because they knew, without a doubt, that God would restore them to life again. Death wasn’t the end for them.

You can have courage too, as long as you keep your eyes fixed on your eternal destiny. As you place your hope in the life to come, your problems will shrink in size and your hardships will become easier to bear. Not only that, but all your actions and decisions will be directed toward that one goal of union with God forever.

This week, may we try to surrender our earthly concerns to the Lord and focus instead on the life that God has promised us. Ask him to give you a deep longing for heaven, one that casts away fear and brings you lasting hope and peace.

Our Open House is scheduled for this coming Sunday, November 13. Will you help us out by sharing the information below with your friends and on your social media pages? I’ve included a graphic and text for your use – feel free to copy and paste or mix it up with your own testimonial!


St. Patrick High School invites all prospective students and families to come out on November 13th, from 2 to 5 p.m., and enjoy a tour of our school; meet our excellent faculty, staff, and coaches; and learn about all we have to offer as we Educate Scholars, Train Disciples, and Support Champions.

To register, please visit

Open House is a wonderful time for the St. Patrick Family. It is our opportunity to welcome young men and women and their families to our campus in which we all take great pride. We are confident that our school is an excellent place to grow spiritually, academically, and socially – the St. Patrick experience is unlike any other!


We greatly appreciate your help in promoting our school!

Let’s make it a great week at St. Patrick!

Go Irish!
Dr. Matt Buckley

2 Corinthians 3:6: He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant — not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

A new covenant — God willingly entered into a new agreement with us, his creatures, sealed it with the blood of his Son Jesus, and sent the Spirit to give us the power to live the life of this new covenant. God has made a covenant of love and grace with us. The Almighty has then turned around and made us worthy and competent to share that covenant with others. No wonder it is life giving: it brings life to us and through us!

Holy and majestic God, thank you for your grace that has saved me from sin and has redeemed me from the law of sin and death. Thank you for sending the gift of your Son and the gift of your Spirit so that I can live with you in a covenant of life, grace, and love. While I confess my weaknesses, I also commit to you that I will live to honor your sacrifice, love and covenant, trusting that you will ultimately empower me to be what you are calling me to be. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Bechtel, Madeline
Chatelain, Gracie
Crocker, Regis
DiFilippo, Brice
Gerald, Olivia
Gerald, Victoria
Kuluz, Ally
Miller, Mykaila
Moeini, Shayleen
Mullinax, Presley
Nguyen, Ella
Powers, Calvin
Ritter, Addison
Sutton, Ashleigh
Sutton, Taylor
Winters, Matthew
Winters, Victoria
Mr. Tyler Buckley
Mr. Boyce Deaton

Monday, November 7
PM Thunderstorms | 84° | 66° | 34%

7:30am Holy Half – Eucharistic Adoration
7:30am Emerald Ambassador Meeting
8:30am Logistics Team Meeting
1pm Cross Country – MHSAA State Championship Meet (Clinton, MS)
2:15pm Leadership Team Meeting – Advancement
3:05pm Bass Fishing Meeting
5:30pm JH Women’s Soccer vs. Gautier (Home)
6pm Varsity Football Banquet
7pm JH Men’s Soccer vs. Gautier (Home)

Tuesday, November 8
Mostly Sunny | 85° | 59° | 10%

Sixth Grade Visit Day
3:05pm Chick-fil-A Leader Academy Meeting
3:05pm LEGO Robotics Work Session
3:05pm Quiz Bowl Meeting
3:15pm JH Cheer Practice
4pm Varsity Women’s Basketball vs. Laurel Christian (Game 1 – SP Tournament)
5:30pm Varsity Men’s Basketball vs. Laurel Christian (Game 2 – SP Tournament)
5:30pm Varsity Women’s Soccer vs. Bay (Home)
6pm Junior High Football Banquet
7pm Varsity Men’s Soccer vs. Bay (Home)
7pm Varsity Women’s Basketball – D’Iberville vs. Vancleave (Game 3 – SP Tournament)
8:30pm Varsity Men’s Basketball – D’Iberville vs. Vancleave (Game 4 – SP Tournament)

Wednesday, November 9
Partly Cloudy | 76° | 54° | 1%

7:30am Holy Half – Eucharistic Adoration
7:45am Art Honor Society Meeting
10:45am Margaritaville Field Trip (Ms. Canales’ 4th Period Class)
3:05pm Choir Practice
3:05pm Key Club Meeting
4:30pm 7th Grade Girls Basketball vs. Magnolia (Home)
5:30pm JV Women’s Soccer vs. St. Martin (Away)
5:30pm 7th Grade Boys Basketball vs. Magnolia (Home)
5:30pm Alumni Hour
6:00pm CYO Sports – Flag Football Championships
6:30pm Swim Team Banquet
6:30pm 8th Grade Girls Basketball vs. Magnolia (Home)
7pm JV Men’s Soccer vs. St. Martin (Away)
7:30pm 8th Grade Boys Basketball vs. Magnolia (Home)

Thursday, November 10
Mostly Sunny | 77° | 56° | 6%

We will follow the liturgy bell schedule today, and students should dress in their liturgy uniform including blazers and ties.
7:30am Choir Practice
9:40am Mass
11:30am Student of the Month Luncheon
1:45pm Choir Appreciation Ice Cream Party
3:05pm MathCounts Meeting
3:05pm Drama Guild Meeting
3:05pm eSports Meeting
3:05pm Mock Trial Meeting
3:05pm NHS Make Up Induction
4pm Women’s Basketball Consolation Game (Game 5 – SP Tournament)
5:30pm Wrestling – Dual Scrimmage @ Picayune
5:30pm JH Women’s Soccer vs. Bayou View (Away)
5:30pm Men’s Basketball Consolation Game (Game 6 – SP Tournament)
6:00pm CYO Sports – Tackle Football Championship
7pm JH Men’s Soccer vs. Bayou View (Away)
7pm Women’s Basketball Championship Game (Game 7 – SP Tournament)
8:30pm Men’s Basketball Championship Game (Game 8 – SP Tournament)

Friday, November 11
Sunny | 80° | 54° | 6%

7:45am Science Olympiad Meeting
9am Leadership Team Meeting – Operations
6pm Varsity Men’s Soccer vs. Gulfport (Home)

Saturday, November 12
Sunny | 65° | 39° | 0%

12pm JV Women’s Soccer vs. Pass Christian (Away – Bay High)
1:30pm JV Men’s Soccer vs. Pass Christian (Away – Bay High)
3pm JV Women’s Soccer vs. Bay (Away – Bay High)
4:30pm JV Men’s Soccer vs. Bay (Away – Bay High)

Sunday, November 13
Mostly Sunny | 61° | 40° | 0%

2pm Open House

Monday | Hot Lunch: chicken parmesan, green beans, garlic bread; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, french fries, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

Tuesday | Hot Lunch: meatloaf with brown gravy, mashed potatoes, peas, roll; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, french fries, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

Wednesday | Hot Lunch: fajita chicken with cheese sauce, santa fe rice, fiesta corn; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, tater tots, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

Thursday | Hot Lunch: pulled pork on bun, coleslaw, potato salad; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, french fries, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

Friday |  Hot Lunch: chili and cheese with corn chips, corn; Fresh salad bar; Loaded baked potato; Fresh ham, turkey, and cheese sub sandwich with chips; Grill Items: pizza, french fries, hamburger, spicy chicken sandwich

Good day to you all!  We are quickly approaching the Thanksgiving break and want to make sure that all students are taking every opportunity to be successful within each of their courses. Progress reports were sent home Friday via email. If you have any questions at all please know that your teachers and the administration are here to help and support your child’s learning. Each of their courses should have approximately 12 minor grades minimum and 6 major grades minimum at this point in the semester. By the end of the semester, each course will have a minimum of 18 minor grades and a minimum of 9 major grades for the course. Then each student will take a semester exam during December 14, 15 and 16.

Major grades make up 60% of the student’s average.
Minor grades make up 25% of the student’s average.
Exams make up 15% of the student’s average.

This week will be the most fast paced, exciting week of the semester, yet! We have home games every night this week, as well as a number of events on the road.

On Monday, the week kicks off with our Men and Women’s Cross Country teams competing at the State Championships in Clinton, MS! I look forward to being there at 1pm to cheer and celebrate our awesome Irish squads and coaches! In the evening, our Junior High Boys and Girls Soccer teams host Gautier Middle beginning at 5:30pm. Please come out and support our teams! Bass Fishing will also meet on Monday after school!

On Tuesday, we welcome our sixth graders from our partner elementary schools to campus! In the evening, we will host the first evening of our annual basketball tournament, this year welcoming Laurel Christian, D’Iberville, and Vancleave High School, as well as our Fighting Irish teams! The tournament begins at 4pm. Men and Women’s Soccer also is home on Tuesday, hosting Bay High School beginning at 5:30pm. Chick-fil-a Leader Academy, Lego Robotics, and Quiz Bowl all have meetings as well during the day.

Wednesday, Art Honor Society and Key Club have meetings, then in the evening our Junior High Basketball teams will be at home versus Magnolia Middle School beginning at 4:30pm. Come out and support our teams! Our Junior Varsity Men and Women’s Soccer teams are on the road versus St. Martin.

This Thursday we have the following clubs meeting: MathCounts, Drama Guild, eSports, Mock Trial – please come out and be a part of our awesome groups! In the evening we have the conclusion of our basketball tournament, as well as Junior High Soccer on the road at Bayou View. We also have our first Wrestling Scrimmage, set at Picayune HS. This is our newest addition to our athletic programs, and we are excited to see what’s in store for the Fighting Irish!

On Friday we begin with a Science Olympiad meeting, and conclude our day with a Men’s Varsity Soccer contest at home against Gulfport. Good Luck to Coach Worsham and the team!

Saturday, our Junior Varsity Soccer teams will be playing in the Bay High Tournament beginning at 12pm. Good Luck to our Men and Women’s teams!

Listed below are last week’s results from our athletic teams:

11/1  JV Women’s Basketball vs. Bay (Bay 36-7)
11/1 Varsity Women’s Soccer vs. West Harrison (St. Patrick 2-1)
11/1 Varsity Women’s Basketball vs. Bay (Bay 36-25)
11/1 Varsity Men’s Soccer vs. West Harrison (St. Patrick 2-1)
11/1 Varsity Men’s Basketball vs. Bay (St. Patrick 46-42)
11/2 7th Grade Girls Basketball vs. Long Beach (St. Patrick 13-6)
11/2 JV Women’s Basketball vs. Harrison Central (Harrison Central 37-8)
11/2 JH Women’s Soccer vs. Picayune (St. Patrick 2-1)
11/2 JV Women’s Soccer vs. Pass Christian (Pass Christian 2-1)
11/2 8th Grade Girls Basketball vs. Long Beach (Long Beach 32-23)
11/2 Varsity Women’s Basketball vs. Harrison Central (Harrison Central 57-29)
11/2 JH Men’s Soccer vs. Picayune (St. Patrick 4-1)
11/2 JV Men’s Soccer vs. Pass Christian (St. Patrick 4-1)
11/2 Varsity Men’s Basketball vs. Harrison Central (Harrison Central 61-44)
11/4 Varsity Women’s Soccer vs. Gautier (St. Patrick 7-0)
11/4 Varsity Men’s Soccer vs. Gautier (St. Patrick 4-1)
11/5 JV Women’s Basketball vs. Long Beach (Long Beach 27-12)
11/5 Varsity Women’s Basketball vs. Long Beach (St. Patrick 58-33)

Congratulations to Caroline Dellenger and Greyson Thibodeaux for being selected as school winners for the Heisman High School Scholarship Program.

Congratulations to Mr. Rick Springer and Mrs. Tia Edwards for being named Employees of the Month for October.

🎥 Video: 
Irish Raffle Drawing for November
🗞️ News: Family Night with Bishop Kihneman
🗞️ News: Reagan Bridley MC ’06 Talks Banking with Accounting Students
📸 Photo Gallery: National Honor Society Induction Mass and Ceremony
📸 Photo Gallery: Lady Irish Soccer vs. West Harrison
📸 Photo Gallery: Lady Irish Basketball vs. Bay High
📸 Photo Gallery: JV Lady Irish Basketball vs. Bay High

Parents and Members of the Class of 2026, you were emailed information and an application for the 2023 Chamber of Commerce Junior Leadership Program. Please read the information and apply by December 1, 2022.

Rising high school juniors and seniors are invited to apply for a two week immersive experience at one of the state’s most prestigious summer programs, the Mississippi Governor’s School. This year’s Governor’s School will be held from June 4-17, 2023, in Columbus, Mississippi, on the campus of Mississippi University for Women. Upon admission and completion of the program, students are eligible to earn three hours of college credit. Tuition, room and board, and all activities are provided at no cost to accepted students. Current sophomore and junior students who are interested may apply through the website Applications close on November 30, 2022.

Join us for Alumni Hour sponsored by Community Bank on November 9 from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. This event will be held at Community Bank at 732 Howard Avenue | Biloxi, MS 39530. St. Patrick Catholic High School is committed to bringing alumni together! Alumni Hour connects alumni from St. Patrick, St. John, Mercy Cross, Notre Dame, and Sacred Heart. This event is an opportunity to network, reminisce, and share your faith. Please join us, alumni! Click here to register.

Members of the Gold Club ($500-$999) are some of our biggest fans and supporters of the Irish Fund! When you join the Gold Club, you give to ensure students at St. Patrick Catholic High School have transportation, uniforms, materials, and the equipment they need to be successful in athletics and extracurricular activities. Your help also provides more than one month of education for a St. Patrick student.

As we continue to support champions, we know you’ll be at the tailgate and in the bleachers cheering on our student-athletes!

All gifts to the Irish Fund are fully tax deductible. Priority stadium parking and spirit items are available in addition to any Gold Club gift or higher. After an additional non tax-deductible fee of $125, any member who gives at the Gold Club level or above qualifies for priority options and parking at the St. Patrick Stadium (Including 2 all-sports passes to St. Patrick athletic events at home. The passes do not include post-season events). Click here to join!