Week 6 of Vocatio Dei

This week, Theology classes are learning about Sr. Mary’s story and her call to God.

Click below to watch the video.


Prayer to Discern a Vocation

Almighty God,
You have given me the gift of life, and the gift of your Holy Spirit.
For these incredible gifts, I thank you.
Help me to use them well.
Deepen within me a desire to do your will.
Help me to hear and answer your call to serve you.
Guide me to the vocation you have chosen for me, as a loving spouse and parent in the Sacrament of Marriage, as a single person living a life of generous service, or through a special call to serve you in Religious Life or the Priesthood.
May your Holy Spirit keep me always close to your Son Jesus, and help me to say yes to Him with the gift of my life.