Week 9 of Vocatio Dei in Theology Class

This week, Theology classes are hearing from Jake Epstein and his call to God.

Click the image below to watch the video.



Heavenly Father, you have created me to know, love, and serve you. 

I know there are many ways in life to fulfill this calling. 

But of them all, there is one way especially for me, one by which I will become a Saint. 

Help me to desire what you desire for me.  I pray that you send the Holy Spirit into my mind, my heart, and my soul, so that I will have the courage to follow you in all things. 

Mary, my Mother, help me to say ‘Yes’ to God’s will as you did.  Jesus, my Lord and Savior, help me to love as you love.

If it is your will that I am called to serve you as a priest or consecrated person, give me the grace and strength to follow you with joy to the end.