Welcome to the Jungle Pep Rally

Last Friday, September 8th, St. Patrick Catholic School had their second pep rally of the year!  Since the theme was Welcome to the Jungle, many students came as animals and safari guides.  Everyone had a fun and exciting time.  The cheerleaders, dancers, and band were able to perform and show their spirit to the school.  The whole school was able to show their spirit in the spirit competition.  Each grade had the chance to show their school spirit by who was the loudest and most enthusiastic.  The eighth graders won for junior high and the seniors won for high school.  This pep rally was very successful and had everyone on their feet to support their school and Fighting Irish football team!

Each grade chose two people to compete in a game.  Both were blindfolded and were assigned a specific animal sound.  Their task was to be the first grade to find their partner making the assigned animal sound.  This game got everyone involved not just the two people from each grade.  Everyone cheered on their team in the hope that their grade would find each other first.  This pep rally was definitely a great start to the win the Fighting Irish had at the football game that night!

Story by Natallie Noel